Are you frustrated with inflammation, cuts, or razor burns caused by shaving and depilatory creams? You can avoid the side effects of at-home hair removal methods by scheduling a waxing service at Blondell’s. We remove unwanted hair with precision, by utilizing professional techniques to ensure optimal results. Perfectly shaped brows and smooth skin are just a quick appointment away.

We use Nufree which is a soy-based formula that never sticks to your skin and is completely botanical and safe for the entire body. Nufree is self-preserving antibacterial and antimicrobial product so it’s safe, clean, and germ free. Nufree is one of the most effective hair removal treatment in the world.

Facial Waxing

Starting at $23+
Starting at $15+
Starting at $15+
Brow Lip Chin Combo
Starting at $40+
Full Face
Starting at $45+

Body Waxing

Under Arms
Starting at $30+
Starting at $35+
Starting at $60+
Half Leg; No Knee
Starting at $55+
Full Leg; No Bikini
Starting at $77+
Full Leg with Bikini
Starting at $102+
Men's Back
Starting at $58+
Men's Chest
Starting at $58+