No matter your occupation, we all put our hands and feet through constant wear and tear. It’s no surprise that they require specialized pampering to get them looking and feeling their best. When you schedule a manicure or pedicure with us, we ensure that you will immediately step into a space where you can relax and forget the stresses of the outside world. From there, our highly-trained nail technicians will treat calluses, cuticles and polish your nails to perfection. Treat yourself to the best nail care in Salina with a relaxing nail service from Blondell’s.

Natural Nails

Spa Manicure---$29+
Let us take care of making your hands and nails look like perfection! Start with a moisturizing mask wrapped in warm towels we then shape your nails and give you cuticle care. Followed by a hand and arm massage and finished with the polish of your choice!
Eco-Fin--- $15+
A paraffin alternative offering extreme moisture while it is allowed to soak in to the hands while warm mitts relax those tired and achy hands.
Gel Polish Add On
Starting at $15+
Dip Nails
Starting at $45+
Dip Soak Off Only
Starting at $30+
French Polish
Starting at $5+


Spa Pedicures Starting at $49+
Blondell's Spa Pedicure offers guests the option of relaxing aromas to enjoy throughout their service. Starting with a relaxing soak to relax tired feet, the legs are then exfoliated with a gentle sugar scrub. While your service provider trims and shapes your nails, cuticles, and works on calluses the legs are enjoying a hydrating mask wrapped in warm towels. To complete the service you will receive a foot and leg massage followed by a polish color of your choosing. Choose from Unscented, or one of the featured seasonal scents available.
Charcoal Detox Specialty Pedicure Starting at $59
Charcoal removes impurities from the skin allowing maximum hydration. Start with a relaxing soak, followed by a gentle charcoal scrub. While the nails are being trimmed and shaped the legs and feet both have a detoxifying mask applied and wrapped in warm towels to increase callus softness and remove impurities from the skin. A luxurious charcoal massage crème is used for a foot and leg massage, followed by a polish color of your choosing.
Express Pedicure Starting at $39+
Blondell's Maintenance Pedicure offers a quick relaxing soak followed by nail, cuticle and callus care. A fragrance free lotion application to legs and feet as well as a fresh polish of your color choice.
Starting at $15+
Gel Polish Add On
Starting at $15+
Gel Polish Only
Starting at $29+
French Polish
Starting at $5+

Artificial Nails

Acrylic Full Set
Starting at $65+
Acrylic Fill In
Starting at $38+
Acrylic Fill with Gel Polish
Starting at $43
Flex Gel Overlay Add On
Starting at $15+
Plexi Gel Extension
Starting at $54+
Dip with Extension/Tip
Starting at $54+
Starting at $5 each
Nail Art
Starting at $3+ each